Disturbi dell’immagine corporea e sintomatologia psichiatrica in pazienti candidati ad interventi di chirurgia estetica


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Rocco Pollice, Maurizio Giuliani, Valeria Bianchini, Giovanni Zoccali, Annarita Tomassini, Massimo Casacchia, Rita Roncone

Ann. Ital. Chir., 2009; 80: 49-54

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OBJECT: The aim of our study has been to investigate the presence of alterations of body image and psychiatric symptoms
in a sample of patients candidates to participate in cosmetic surgery.
MATERIAL: It has been recruited 56 outpatients (M=12; F=44) of mean age of 37, 55 years (ds 13.31) consecutively
afferent to the Plastic Surgery Ward at the University of L’Aquila. All patients were Plastic Surgery candidates. They
have been evaluated by administration of the following instruments: Self-report Symptom Inventory – Revised (SCL-90)
and the Body Uneasiness Test (BUT).
RESULTS: The sample has been splitted in two groups in order to BUT positivity (33,92% positive versus 66,02 %
negative). Both groups have showed statistically significant differences (p<0,01) in all SCL-90 dimensions moreover the BUT positive patients have showed greater scores in all SCL-90 dimensions than BUT negative patients. DISCUSSION: Our data indicate the high prevalence of body image disorders and the presence of other psychiatric symptoms in Plastic Surgery patients. CONCLUSIONS: Our study confirm the importance of psychiatric evaluation in those patients. Therefore, a liasion between Psychiatric Service and Plastic Surgery equipe and the consequent psychiatric evaluation results essential to give indications for complete surgical cosmetic procedures.