“Difficult-to treat” ulcers management: use of pulse dose radiofrequency


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Gennaro Quarto, G. Solimeno, E. Furino, Luigi Sivero, Luigi Bucci, Salvatore Massa, Giacomo Benassai, M. Apperti

Ann. Ital. Chir., 2013 84: 225-228

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AIM: In this paper we wanted to evaluate the impact of pain reduction on the evolution of “difficult-to treat” ulcers, using Radiofrequency analgesia in pulse-dose modality.
MATERIALS AND METHODS: We have performed a randomized trial to evaluate the efficacy of the RF in PD mode to reduce the healing time of ulcers of difficult management as outpatient for spontaneous and provoked pain. We enrolled 23 patients, including 7 males (30%) and 16 females (70%), aged between 53 and 79 years (mean age = 67.2) sorted according to the first letter of the last name in ascending order and assigned alternately to one or another group.
RESULTS: In Group A healing was obtained in 33% of patients (4/12), with an average healing time of 6 months while in Group B healing has been obtained in 81% of patients (9/11) with an average time of 3 months (range 1-5 months) Student’s T was performed to compare the average recovery time among the two groups; moreover we have analyzed the proportions of healed patients in the group A and B.
DISCUSSION: Healing time significantly decreased in group B (p = 0,013079). Even the cure rate has changed favorably, in a statistically significant way.
CONCLUSIONS: According to the literature related to the use of the RF pulse dose, there is a greater effectiveness of this technique in respect of the classical PRF, in terms of immediate and long-term reduction of pain and this impacts positively on the course of ulcer healing.