Deep burn of gand and foreharm treated by abdominal waal flap. A case report


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Stefano Chiummariello, Giuseppe Del Torto, Romano Maffia, Elisabetta Pataia, Carmine Alfano

Ann. Ital. Chir.Published online (EP) 24 June 2015

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AIM:Post-traumatic hand and forearm defects always represent a challenge for reconstructive surgeons, especially whenmultiple structures are involved, because of a high rate of amputation.MATERIAL OFSTUDY:A 21 years old woman arrived to the E.R. with a complex crush-burn trauma of the upper limbcaused by an accident with an industrial ironing machine, resulting in a ulnar bone fracture, ulnar artery lacerationand a wide burn of the dorsum of the right forearm.RESULT:We achieved toTAL limb salvage with coverage of the “nobles” structures of the forearm.DISCUSSION ANDCONCLUSIONS:Different reconstructive methods have been used over time to treat these defects focusingthe attention on both functional and cosmetic aspects.The abdominal pedicle flap was one of the achiest reconstructive methods for hand and forearm defects. In an era inwhich microsurgery takes the lion’s share, some basic procedure may be helpful, especially in certain cases.In this study the authors reported a case of a young woman with a complex trauma of the right arm resulting froman occupational accident