Day surgery in Romania


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Florentina Ca˘dariu, Alexandra Enache, Mihaela Avram, Camelia Mures¸an, Sorin Olariu

Ann. Ital. Chir., 2017 88, 6: 567-571

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AIM: Well know in USA, Australia and then in western European countries, day surgery is still at the beginning in
Romania and eastern European countries. In this paper we want to analyze the evolution and actual situation of day
surgery in Romania and in County Emergency Hospital Timisoara (CEHT).
MATERIAL AND METHODS: In the implementation of day surgery in our country there were two distinct periods. Between
2007- 2013 the CEHT negotiated its own day surgery baskets with Local Health Insurance Company (LHIC). Starting
from 2014 until now, the National Health Insurance Company has established new day surgery baskets which can be
negotiated between CEHT and LHIC.
RESULTS: Our study shows that day surgery in CEHT has had an undulating evolution – after a rising development at
the beginning it stopped for a few years and now it has an ascendant evolution.
DISCUSSION: In this context, International Association for Ambulatory Surgery (IAAS) has initiated a series of actions
to support implementation and development of day surgery in Romania and Eastern European countries. The first action
was the support that the International Association for Ambulatory Surgery gave to the Romanian Society of Ambulatory
Surgery in organizing on 15-16 September 2013 in Timisoara the course “Day Surgery – Making it Happen Overcoming
Obstacles and Barriers”. Discussions after the presentation of local realities in Eastern and Western Europe were particularly
creative, being the stand in the accelerated development of day surgery in Romania.
CONCLUSIONS: Day surgery and ambulatory surgery have many advantages for patients (increased comfort, lower surgical
risk, minimal stress and low anxiety, high satisfaction rate), for hospital (reducing congestion in hospital, enabling
it to have a better capacity to deal with serious cases), and for healthcare (increased economic efficiency, cost / patient
/ surgery is lower than for continuous admissions).
Known in our country from 2000, the implementation of day surgery still faces many hardships.