Course of acute pancreatitis in diabetic patients


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Dorota Koziel, Stanislaw Gluszek, Martyna Gluszek-Osuch

Ann. Ital. Chir., 2016 87: 18-22

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INTRODUCTION: In recent years, in many European countries, morbidity due to acute pancreatitis (AP) has shown a
growing tendency. Some studies indicate an increased risk of contracting AP in the AIM: The objective of the presented
study was evaluation of the clinical course of AP in patients with diabetes.
METHODS: The study covered all patients with the diagnosis of AP, treated in surgical wards. Into the group of diabetic
patients were qualified those who during medical history taking confirmed the diagnosis of type 1 or type 2 diabetes
prior to hospitalization due to AP.
RESULTS: Into the study were enrolled 963 patients hospitalized due to AP. In this group there were 87 (9%) patients
with diabetes. In patients with diabetes, gallstones were the cause of the disease significantly more often (46% vs. 32%).
In the majority of cases, the course of AP was mild; however, in 10.3% of patients with diabetes, the course of the disease
was moderately severe, and in 12.7% – severe AP was observed. No differences were found in mortality due to AP
between the groups. Systemic failure was more frequently observed in the group of patients with D.T.2. 5.4% and as
many as 23.1% with D.T.1. vs. 5.1% of those without diabetes, the differences were statistically insignificant.
CONCLUSIONS: The frequency of occurrence of AP in patients with diabetes increases with age, and is most often related
with gallstones. The clinical course of AP in this group of patients is more often severe, with systemic failure in
patients with type 1 diabetes.


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