Conservative management of a spleen trauma using radiofrequency


Mattia Stella, Andrea Percivale, Massimo Pasqualini, Michele Pittaluga, Nicola Gandolfo, Riccardo Pellicci

Ann. Ital. Chir., 2005; 76: 559-561

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AIM OF THE STUDY: Conservative operative management of a splenic injury has become more and more employed in
order to preserve the immune function of the organ.
CASE REPORT: A case of a rupture of the spleen successfully treated with the use of a radiofrequency thermal energy
generator is eported. The parenchymal tear was coagulated by a one cooled tip needle electrode. There were no postoperative
complications and the function of the spleen was preserved.
CONCLUSIONS: The technique cannot be applied in case of lesion of the major vessels or in case of avulsion of the
hilum. This technique integrates to the others to make the operative conservative management of a splenic injury more
and more feasible.