Complicanze nel trattamento della colangiolitiasi. Esperienza personale


Agostino Lippolis, Curzio Lorusso, Domenico Merlicco, Paola Palazzo e Michele Nacchiero

Ann. Ital. Chir., 2005; 76: 481-484

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Bile ducts lithiasis is a very common disease all over the world. In Italy prevalence is about 5 millions cases: 11% of
the population. Choledocolithiasis concurrent with gallbladder stones frequency is estimated from 4 to 20%. Incidence is
even higher in the elderly and in patients affected by chronic liver disease.
The treatment of bile ducts lithiasis is still debated; several surgical strategies may be performed: 1) fully laparoscopic
procedure; 2) endo-laparoscopic sequential treatment; 3) sequential inverse treatment (endoscopy following videolaparocholecystectomy);
4) combined endo-laparoscopic treatment simultaneously performed; 5) “open” treatment.
The authors refer their experience concerning a series of 172 patients who underwent endo-laparoscopic sequential treatment
to emend bile duct and gallbladder lithiasis. Complications are pointed out, pending to demonstrate safeness and
effectiveness of this strategy.