Comparison of the ultrasound-guided tru-cut biopsy with postoperative histopathology results in patients with breast mass


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Mehmet Emin Günes

Ann Ital Chir, Digital Edition 2018, 7
AOP, November 29

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AIM: We aimed to compare the tru-cut biopsy and postoperative pathology results of breast lesions with suspicion of
malignancy. Furthermore we aimed to determine the efficacy, specificity and sensitivity of the tru-cut biopsy.
METHODOLOGY: 140 patients who were operated due to breast mass following tru-cut biopsy were retrospectively evaluated.
Patients’ demographic characteristics, imaging findings, biopsy and histopathology results were compared.
RESULTS: The mean age of 140 patients was 51.3 (Ranged: 17-83 ages). Malignancy was statistically more common in
patients older than 45 years old. According to tru-cut biopsy results 103 (73.5%) lesions were malign, 32 (23%) benign,
and 5 (3,5%) suspicious. Histopathological evaluation established 113 (% 80.7) malign and 27 (19,3%) benign lesions.
Tru-cut biopsy had a sensitivity, specifity, positive predictive value, negative predictive value and diagnostic accuracy of
93.5%, 95.4%, 99%, 75% and 80%, respectively in this study.
CONCLUSIONS: Our findings have confirmed that tru-cut biopsy is an accurate, reliable and as effective as open surgery
for breast cancer diagnosis. The higher success rates may achieve by accordance of triple assessment which includes clinical,
radiological and pathological evaluation with tru-cut biopsy.