Comparison of multiple training models of surgical rotation for third-year medical students A prospective study


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Paolo Magistri, Giuseppe Nigri, Niccolò Petrucciani, Paolo Aurello, Francesco D’Angelo, Giovanni Ramacciato

Ann. Ital. Chir., 2016 87: 177-182

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AIM: We decided to compare five different teaching models to provide the best training for third-year medical students
during their Surgical Rotation.
MATERIALS AND METHODS: Group A got a standard rotation. Group B came to the ward once a week at half morning,
spent 1 hour with the tutor and the rest of the morning with residents. Group C was divided into smaller groups,
each one assigned 2 times to the ambulatory, to the ward and to the pre-admission service. Group D came to the ward
once a week at early morning, spent 2 hours with the tutor and the rest of the morning with residents. Group E was
divided in 2 smaller groups that were admitted 3 times in the OR and in the ward. Students filled in an initial and
final knowledge-evaluation questionnaire
RESULTS: All the Groups showed a positive learning curve. Group B showed the highest improvement (p=0.0001). Group
A and Group E showed statistically significant improvements, (p=0.002 and p=0.03). Most of Group A and B students
declared that their experience was poor regarding medical examination, while the majority of Group C and E defined
their experience satisfactory.
CONCLUSIONS: Group B demonstrated the most significant growth and good appreciation from students, but also Group
E and Group C showed a high appreciation rate, maybe due to the stimulating activity in the operative room and
ambulatory. We propose a synthesis of these models as the best approach, with less crowed groups and ward, ambulatory
and OR activities.


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