Colecistectomia laparoscopica con singola incisione (S.I.L.S.). Esperienza preliminare


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Paolo Caiazzo, Giovanni Del Vecchio, Michele Albano, Andrea Loffredo, Francesco Calbi, Antonio Comentale, Pierpaolo Di Lascio, Mauro Pastore, Pio Rocco Tramutoli

Ann. Ital. Chir., 2010; 81: 13-16


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INTRODUCTION: The Authors describe our preliminary experience with the cholecistectomy with the S.I.L.S. (Single Incision
Laparoscopic Surgery), with a multilumen trocar and dedicated laparoscopic instruments.
MATERIALS AND METHODS: Five operations of laparoscopic cholecistectomy with S.I.L.S. technique (3 men and 2 women),
of age between 26 and 52 years are reported.
RESULTS: In one case was applied an additional 5 mm trocar in the right ipocondrium; in two cases a transparietal
suture to suspend the gallbladder was used. Operative time was 98 minutes for the first operation, and 45-65 minutes
for the following. The operators have been some difficulties to moving the instruments because both the operating instruments
and laparoscope are introduced through the same incision and on the same axis, the operator and assistant often
impede the movements of each other. Any post-operative complications was registered. All the patients was very satisfied
with post-operative pain and aesthetic results.
CONCLUSIONS: The S.I.L.S. is a new technique already used in general surgery, urology and ginecology with good results;
this surgey is probably destinated to improve his tecnique and instruments, but certainly it going to offer a further push
of the mini-invasive “philosophy”.