Cisti ovarica in paziente a fenotipo maschile e pseudoermafroditismo femminile


Mario Benedetti, Francesco Paolo Tinozzi, Simone Albertario, Carlo Bianchi, Luigi Valenti, Tekla Niebel, Stefano Tinozzi, Stefano Dini, Nirvana Moroni

Ann. Ital. Chir., 2007; 78: 329-331

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Female pseudohermaphroditism is an intersexual state distinguished by virilized external genitals and secondary sex characters
in a XX subject.
We report a case of female pseudohermaphroditism diagnosed later on the discovery of an abdominal mass, then revealed
to be an enormous ovarian cyst. Hormonal dosages suggested the presence of partial surrenalic b-hydroxylase deficiency.
For this reason the clinical picture was considered expression of an adreno-genital syndrome, displayed as female pseudohermaphroditism
with Prader stage V virilization.