Choledocholithiasis and endo-laparoscopic rendezvous. Analysis of 59 consecutive cases


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Paolo Del Rio, Paolo Dell’Abate, Domenico Labonia, Marco Negri, Nicoletta Sianesi, Maria Francesca Arcuri, Mario Sianesi

Ann. Ital. Chir., 2011 82: 221-224

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BACKGROUND: Choledocholithiasis is a real problem of major clinical importance. The incidence of cholelithiasis is 10-20%.
MATERIALS: We have examined 2907 patients treated with videolaparoscopic cholecystectomy (VLC) between January 2001
and September 2009. 214 cases (7.4%) were affected by choledocolithiasis; among these, 59 consecutive cases were treated
by rendezvous, 151 cases by sequential treatment (ERCP-ES before VLC), 3 cases by extraction with Dormia’s basket,
and 1 case by ERCP-ES after VLC.
RESULTS: The complications were one biliary fistula and three hemorrhages (one from the cystic artery, one from the
hepatic area and one from trocar’s site). The mean hospital stay was 1.38±0.83 days for the rendezvous group vs 4.
53±0.74 days in the sequential treatment group (p<0.004). The satisfaction scores were 6.6±1.39 versus 5.7±0.96 (p<0.004). CONCLUSIONS: The rendezvous procedure reduces hospital stay and has a greater compliance (only one treatment). We can use this option in the management of cases where preoperative ERCP-ES has failed.


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