Che cos’è un Trauma Center? 1989-2009: bilancio dell’ultimo anno ed alcune considerazioni su 20 anni d’attività


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Franco Baldoni, Gregorio Tugnoli

Ann. Ital. Chir., 2010; 81: 65-68

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It has been two decades since Maggiore Hospital Trauma Center started its formal activity focused on improving and
developing Trauma management and Surgery of Trauma. Whilst evaluating the results of the last year, we can not avoid
to look behind at the beginning, comparing the actual activity with the settings we have started from, in 1989. Before
this date in our hospital all the Emergency and Trauma Surgery was managed by General Surgeons. However since 1989
few surgeons and ICU anaesthetists started to focus their training and activity on management of Trauma. From there
has born the first organized, structured Level I Trauma Center holding all diagnostic and therapeutic resoureces and recognized
by the Health Management Plan of the Emilia – Romagna Region Authority, within a region including almost
two millions inhabitants.
The Trauma Surgery team adopted the evolving concept of Damage Control Surgery, applying extensively the intraabdominal
packing and improving the perihepatic packing with a relevant refinement in the operative technique.
Furthermore Non Operative Management has extensively spread. All the above cited improvements, particularly the extensive
use of NOM and the reduction of operative times, following the DCS philosophy and techniques, contributed to
decrease morbidity and mortality rates of the abdominal trauma surgery patients. Mortality has been brought significantly
down to 2.4%, in all cases related to extra-abdominal reasons. Last but least needs to be mentioned our scientific
and research activity, including several published articles and scientific presentations at Italian, European and
International Conferences. Finally we organize since 8 years a nationally relevant educational event: the “Corso Teorico-
Pratico di Chirurgia del Politrauma”. It is a theoretic and practical Trauma Surgery Course for Consultant/Attending
Surgeons and Senior Registrars/Residents who want to improve their skills in Trauma Surgery and Management. and is
now running its XIX edition.