Cavernous sinus chondroma. Case report and review of the literature


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Moschos Fratzoglou, Nicolas Condilis, Vasilios Panayiotopoulos, Dimitrios Bahal, Melpomeni Patheni

Ann. Ital. Chir., 2008; 79: 43-46

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Chondromas of the base of the skull are most commonly found in the parasellar and sellar regions, and present varying degrees of involvment of the cavernous sinus.However,those confined mainly to the cavernous sinus are rare,and only a few cases have been reported. A 50 year old man experienced left hemifacial pain followed by left abducens nerve palsy. Computerized tomography and magnetic resonance image depicted a well circumscribed mass in the left cavernous sinus. A pterional craniotomy was performed to approach this lesion intradurally. The tumour was subtotally removed. Histologically the mass was diagnosed as a mature chondroma. Postoperatively, the left hemifacial pain disappeared and the diplopia improved from the first postoperative day. Successfull removal of lesions in the cavernous sinus requires individualisation of the case as well as choosing the correct surgical approach for the certain patient.


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