Can ultrasonic surgical devices be used to close the appendicular stump?


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Orhan Gozeneli, Faik Tatli, Yusuf Yucel, Abdullah Ozgonul, Ali Uzunkoy

Ann. Ital. Chir., 2017 88, 6: 562-566

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Laparoscopic appendectomy is increasingly being performed because of its quick recovery time, low instance of wound
infection, and early return of patients to home and work. Operating time should be short yet safe. Therefore, in this
study, we compared the effects of various sealing systems on the length of surgery and examined whether these systems
could be used to separate the appendix from its stump successfully. This prospective and randomized ex vivo study was
conducted on 20 consecutive patients diagnosed with acute appendicitis. All patients underwent classical open appendectomy.
The patients were classified into two groups according to the type of sealing system used. The LigaSure® system
was used for coagulation in Group L and the Harmonic® system in Group H. After coagulation, a pressure system was
used to evaluate the closure of the appendix. Results showed that the use of ultrasonic instruments alone to close the
appendiceal stump caused an incomplete closure.