C.U.T. (Chirurgia d’Urgenza Tetraedrica): un Data Base per una chirurgia d’urgenza di migliore qualità


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Giorgio Pagano

Ann. Ital. Chir., 2007; 78: 111-117

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C.U.T. (Chirurgia d’Urgenza Tetraedrica = Tetrahedron Urgent Surgery) is the Data Base programmed and utilized since
November 2004 in a “Urgent Surgery Unit” at high turnover of patients and surgeons. The aim of C.U.T. was to
contribute in the management of delivery risk, to facilitate medical work, to improve assistential quality.
Utilizing a “tetrahedron logic”, a “decisional medical dynamic tetrahedron” has been obtained. As indicated on the vertices
of this dynamic tetrahedron, the four main parameters are: “problem”, “substratum”, “state”, “decision”. These parameters
are the dynamic variables of the four logically deducted files of the Data Base: “In-patients”, “Patient’s chronology”,
“Discharged patients”, “Interventions”.
The new informations are introduced by a surgeon in the general prospect of the ward “In-patients” and are automatically
imported in the file “Patient’s chronology”. The file “Patient’s chronology” offers the cronological sequence of checkdecisions
for every single patient. The file “Discharged patients” stores the data of patients discharged and eliminated
from the impatient’s prospect. It compiles automatically a dimission letter and aids in the the compilation of the dimission
schedule by the informations received from two files storing the ICD9cm codification of diagnosis and interventions.
The file “Interventions” includes three different formats respectively allowing description, catalogation and clinical-iconografic
storing. The latter format is also utilized for a “problem centered” medical teaching.
This Data Base resulted to be functional, simple, useful, accepted, easly modifiable and was able to prevent delivery risk,
to facilitate medical work, to improve assistential quality.