Bone regeneration after pedicled periosteal dorsal metacarpal flap. Reconstructive technique


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Ezio Nicola Gangemi, Luca Devalle, Giorgio Merlino, Silvia Germano, Alessandra Clemente, Claudia Cerato, Marco Borsetti
Ann. Ital. Chir., 2020 91, 5: 534-537

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The dorsal metacarpal artery (DMCA) flap is considered as one of the working horses to cover exposed extensor tendon or bone of dorsal digits. The periosteal composite DMCA reverse flap (pcDMCAr flap) is described as a fast and safe solution to manage this kind of trauma. A 35-year-old male had a trauma to his left hand from a circular saw. The resultant injury was localized to the proximal middle finger with a dorsal bone loss. A vascularized composite flap, including 3th metacarpal periosteum, was elected as the most appropriate option. Postoperative follow-up at 6 months confirmed bony regeneration. There are no documented cases to the best of our knowledge demonstrating the use of pcDMCAr flap to treat fractures with bone loss in the proximal digits. This report suggests that technique may be employed as regenerative bone flap in reconstructive surgery for proximal fingers trauma with bone loss and open fracture.