Autotransplantation of pancreatic islets. A single-center first experience


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Paolo Magistri, Sara Andreani, Domenico Lo Conte, Giovanni Carlo Ferrari, Antonello Forgione, Raffaele Pugliese

Ann. Ital. Chir., 2016 87: 268-270

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INTRODUCTION: Islets auto-transplantation (IAT) is a well-known procedure that may improve glycemic control after total
or completion pancreatectomy compared to insulin therapy alone.
CASE REPORT: We herein report our experience in IAT with the case of a sixty years old woman underwent completion
pancreatectomy for recurrent pancreatitis. She received IAT by percutaneous trans-hepatic intra-portal injection. The patient
recovered well, except for a surgical wound infection that was treated with vacuum therapy. She was discharged on p.o.d.
27th in good general conditions and tolerating a diet.
DISCUSSION: Data in literature demonstrate that IAT is cost-effective on the long-run compared to insulin therapy in
patients with diabetes. 30-days mortality rate for islets auto-transplantation (IAT) following total pancreatectomy is 5%,
which is comparable with previous reports on total pancreatectomy without IAT. Our report may expand the literature
on this procedure in order to further develop and improve both technique and outcomes, and clarify the correct indication
to surgery.