Appendicite acuta post traumatica


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Laura Pisoni, Marco Castoldi, David Alessio Merlini, Albert Via, Eugenio Morandi

Ann. Ital. Chir., 2006; 77: 441-442

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Acute appendicitis is a frequent abdominal pathology, more frequent in the childhood.
The pathophysiology of acute appendicitis is obstruction of the appendix lumen and distension due to continued mucosal
secretion. The second step is a rapid multiplication of resident bacteria, excretion of toxine and wall infiammation.
Causes of this processes are different: in most of cases there is an hyperplasia of intrinsic lymphoid tissue (60%) or hard
stool. Another cause may be foreign body.
But is there a relationship between abdominal trauma and appendicitis?