An unusual infraclavicular mass in the thoracic compartment.


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Paolo Izzo, Daniela Messineo, Virgilio Nicolanti, Sara Izzo, Luciano Izzo

Ann Ital Chir, 2021; 10 – Mar. 30
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Haemangiopericytoma (HPC) is a rare vascular tumor comprising 1% of all vascular neoplasms and was first described
by Stout and Murray in 1942. They are highly vascularized tumours located in any part of the body. Malignant HPCs
represent <1% of all vascular tumours and around 5% of all sarcomatous tumours. The majority has a relatively indolent
behaviour with presenting symptoms being vague for several months and not specific. Surgical excision is the mainstay
of treatment. We present the case of a 65-year old male with HPC of left infraclavicular region with no associated
lymphadenopathy. Surgical management included en bloc excision. The patient did not require any adjuvant therapy
and showed no signs of recurrence at 1-year follow up.