An inguinal bladder diverticulumCase report of a rare finding in a recurrent inguinal hernia.


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Simone Manfredelli, Andrea Zitelli, Stefano Pontone, Maria Marcantonio, Amedeo Nargi, Angelo Forte, Alberto Angelici

Ann. Ital. Chir.e-publish 26 October 2012

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We report a rare case of recurrent right inguinal hernia with bladder diverticulum incarcerated in a 63 years old male.Patient complained of painful swelling in inguinoscrotal region associated with urinary discomfort. Preoperatively diag-nosis was made possible by ultrasound and urography imaging. Surgical treatment was achieved, by infra-umbilical inci-sion, a reduction of the herniated and fixed diverticulum followed by a mesh repair of the wall defect. Patient was dis-charged five days after surgery and became free of symptomatology soon after surgical procedure. Bladder diverticuluminvolvement in a direct inguinal hernia is rare finding and define a potential pitfall for surgeon if not diagnosed pre-operatively. There are no other cases of incarcerated bladder diverticulum incarcerated in a recurrent inguinal herniadescribed in Literature