Amyand Hernia in an elderly patient


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Matteo Maternini, Francesco Gabrielli, Nicoletta Pecora, Valentina Riggio,
Marco Chiarelli, Angelo Guttadauro

Ann Ital Chir, Digital Edition 2018, 7
Epub, May 30

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INTRODUCTION: Inguinal hernia is one of the most common surgical entities and often poses technical dilemmas, even
for the experienced surgeon. Amyand’s hernia is an inguinal hernia; a protrusion of abdominal cavity content through
the inguinal canal, with a vermiform appendix. Case report: A 77 years old Caucasian male was referred to our institution
for the evaluation of a recurrent right inguinal hernia. During the surgery, we discovered a rare type I Amyand
hernia. Following the guidelines we performed, a prosthetic tension-free inguinal ernioplasty without appendectomy.The
patient was discharged on the first post-operative day. The follow-up at 7 days was uneventful.
DISCUSSION: First described by Claudius Amyand (1660-1740), a French born English surgeon, who successfully performed
the first reported appendectomy for inflamed appendix encountered during herniotomy on an 11 year-old boy in 1735
at St George’s hospital.The incidence of Amyand’s hernia is between 1%. The association of appendicitis is even rarer
and reported to be around of 0.1%. Losanoff and Basson proposed a classification scheme to determine the surgical
management of Amyand’s hernia, depending on the status of the appendix


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