Abrikossoff tumor: does it origin in Swchann cells?


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Mauro Tarallo, Emanuele Cigna, Pasquale Fino, Federico Lo Torto, Alessia Pollastrini, Nicolò Scuderi

Ann. Ital. Chir., 2011 82: 319-321

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BACKGROUND: Abrikossoff tumor is an uncommon neoplasia, benign in most of the cases, that affects soft tissues, skin,
and oral mucosa. Between 1% and 2% of cases are malignant and, in these cases, outcome is usually fatal. Beetween
5% and 25% of patients have multiple lesions.
CASE REPORT: A 52-year old Caucasian male was referred to the Plastic Surgery Department with a lesion in the tongue.
A wide surgical excision was subsequently performed and the final pathologic diagnosis was Abrikossoff ’s tumor.
DISCUSSION: The pathogenesis of this tumor has long been subject of research and debate, and its origin has still to be
clearly established. At the time, Abrikossoff proposed a myogenic origin, later studies supported a neural differentiation.
According to the data in the literature the expression of S-100, that we found in our case, sustains the hypothesis that
Abrikossoff tumor has origin in the Schwann’s cells.
CONCLUSIONS: In our opinion, Abrikossoff tumor has origin in the Schwann’s cells. However familial cases, congenital
cases, and multiple lesions are uncommon, and it is worth stressing that this tumor has a good prognosis but every
patient with Abrikossoff tumor should undergo a complete physical examination to rule out the presence of multiple associated
tumors and possible visceral involvement.