About a case of missed diagnosis of a post-traumatic aneurysm in the ulnar artery Medical-legal aspects in respect to the professional liability


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Virginia Prezioso, Tatiana Mangiulli, Giorgio Bolino, Vincenzo Sciacca

Ann. Ital. Chir., 2014 85: 171-176

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Compartment syndrome of the left hand from a late diagnosed post-traumatic ulnar artery pseudoaneurysm. We report the case of 27 years old boy with a tipping and cutting wound on his left wrist, generating an ulnar artery pseudoaneurysm, that was late diagnosed, and therefore complicated by a compartment syndrome in the wrist. Immediately after the trauma the subject went to the emergency room where the severity of the injury was undestimated; in fact, it was sutured and medicated, without further investigation. When he went to the same hospital for the second time, symptoms (pulsatile mass, redness and irritation of the skin) were interpreted as an infectious process and treated in an incongruous way. Then, when he went to another hospital in which imaging studies (ultrasound) were performed, the pseudo-aneurysm of the ulnar artery was diagnosed and surgically treated. The delay in diagnosis led to a compartment syndrome that is still appreciable as a sensory-motor deficit of the hand, especially of the fourth and fifth finger. This pseudo-aneurysm complication and its debilitating outcomes are known in literature, so the diagnostic delay makes the sanitary staff guilty of the suffered damage.


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