A pure primary squamous cell breast carcinoma presenting as a breast abscess: case report and review of literature


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A.Cappellani, M.Di Vita, A.Zanghì, A.De Luca, G.Tomarchio, D.La Porta, S. Lanzafame, G.Alfano

Ann. Ital. Chir., LXXV, 2, 2004

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A primary squamous cell carcinoma of breast (PSCCB) is rare. A “pure” PSCCB especially presenting with the inflammatory features of a breast abscess is an exceptional observation in any age group of patients.
We present a patient recently referred to us with a PSCCB and perform a literature review. By reviewing the international literature we found only 7 cases of PSCCB presenting as abscess and of those only 3 were “pure” ones (1, 2, 3).