A patient with extensive neck defects Management of this unusual clinical situation


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I.V. Reshetov, K.A. Petrosyan, P.A. Antonyan, L.S. Khachatryan

Ann Ital Chir, 2018 89, 4: 295-304

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Among all thermal burn injuries, electrical burns are the most unpredictable and are characterized by the damage of depressing and functionally important anatomical structures, as well as an extensive volume of tissue damage. The tactics of treating such post-burn defects require always an individual and non-standard approach. In this article, a clinical example of the plastic closure of a neck defect is presented, as a result of a high-voltage electric burn received, with counter skin-muscular flaps based on m. platysma. Considering the major role of the lymphatic system in microcirculation, in the pathogenesis of inflammatory processes and the immune response of the body, during the planning of the operation anatomical features of the lymphatic vessels of the anterior surface of the neck were studied. The result of the operation was a primary, full-fledged closure of the defect with two opposing cutaneous muscle flaps with unilateral lymph node preservation as well as a full functional restoration of the neck motion.


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