A new surgical tool facilitating the low colo-rectal anastomosis. The original “grasping tie”


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N. Picardi

Ann. Ital. Chir., LXXV, 2, 2004

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A new surgical tool has been designed to facilitate the stapled low colo-rectal anastomosis in alternative of the Knight-Griffen procedure. Its function is to substitute the customary purse string in fixing on the axle of a stapler anvil introduced in the anus the low rectal stump.
For an adequate description of its function the tool has been named grasping tie. In fact it grasps by means of a nylon ribbon fashioned in slipping knot the rectal stump around the extruded axle of the anvil of a circular stapler introduced in the anus. The ribbon is progressively tightened from the outside on the axle by the tool itself, driving far from the operating tip two levers on the handle.