A new approach to umbilical hernia repair: the circular suture technique for defects less than 2 cm


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Ihsan Yıldız, Yavuz Savas¸ Koca

Ann Ital Chir, 2017 88, 5: 449-453
Epub Ahead of Print 18 May 2017

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BACKGROUND: Umbilical hernia, unlike other abdominal wall hernias, occurs when the umbilical ring opens and expands.
Its’ symptoms and complications show similarities with other hernias. Although there are various repair techniques, there
is not a standard technique yet. This paper investigated the outcomes of double layer circular suture technique as a
new approach in the repair of umbilical hernia.
MATERIAL AND METHOD: A total number of 282 patients comprised of 102 males and 180 females with an age range
of 18-89 whose umbilical hernias were repaired between 2002 and 2013, retrospectively studied in two groups group
1 (circular suture technique) and group 2 (open primary suture). The subjects were investigated with regards to age,
sex, body mass index (BMI), accompanying disease, anesthesia method, surgical complications, hospital stay, total costs,
mortality and recurrence.
RESULTS: The study participants were 282 patients with an age average of 49, 09 ± 16, 62 including 182 patients in
group 1 (male/female ratio 76/106) and 100 patients in group 2 (26/74). There was a significant difference between
the groups in terms of time and recurrence. During the follow-up period, 9 patients in group 1 (4.94%) and 16 patients
in group 2 (16%) had a recurrence. This result was statistically significant (p=0.014)
CONCLUSION: We believe that the double layer circular suture technique is practical, inexpensive and effective in the
repair of umbilical hernia defects, which are smaller than 2 cm diameter.


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