A minimally invasive approach with a 3d imaging system for the treatment of esophageal perforation due to Boerhaave syndrome


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Paolo Prosperi, Giovanni Alemanno, Annamaria Di Bella, Massimiliano Ardu, Gherardo Maltinti, Veronica Iacopini, Carlo Bergamini, Andrea Valeri

Ann Ital Chir, Digital Edition 2018, 7
Epub, Dec. 19

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Boerhaave’s syndrome is a rare life-threatening condition that requires urgent surgical management. There are various
methods of managing it, with the main principles of limiting sepsis, draining the area and maintaining nutrition.
Although the gold standard is open thoracotomy and/or laparotomy, mostly in patients with sepsis, we present a case of
a 53-year-old man treated with a combination of laparoscopic suture (3D imaging system) of the oesophageal perforation
site, decompressive percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy and feeding jejunostomy. We conclude that this approach is
a safe and a viable option in the management of Boerhaave syndrome in a septic patient presenting early.