A giant phyllodes tumor of the breast causing severe disfigurement.


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Gianluca Franceschini, Danilo Di Giorgio, Sabatino D’Archi, Alba Di Leone,
Alejandro Martin Sanchez, Riccardo Masetti

Ann Ital Chir, Digital Edition 2017, 6
Epub, Jan. 20

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incidence of about 2.1 per million. The classification proposed by the World Health Organization for PTs into benign,
borderline, and malignant is based on a combination of several histologic features. High-grade malignant phyllodes tumors
may spread by hematogenous route. While smaller and moderate size malignant phyllodes may typically be seen, gigantic
ones with larger than 10 cm in diameter are very rare.
We report an unusual case of a giant malignant phyllodes tumor with metastases that grew over a 6 years period causing
significant ulceration, body disfigurement and physical transformation. Our experience indicated that surgical treatment
of malignant phyllodes tumor might be an option for improving patients’ quality of life, regardless of the extremely
poor prognosis.