A case of HPV and acquired genital lymphangioma: over-lapping clinical features


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Giovanni Cestaro, Michele De Rosa, Maurizio Gentile, Salvatore Massa

Ann. Ital. Chir.Published online (EP) 25 March 2015

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Lymphatic malformation or lymphangioma is a benign proliferation of the lymphatics accounting for 4% of all vascu-lar malformations and 26% of all benign vascular tumors. There are several reports about genital lymphangiomas mim-icking venereal lesions, such as genital warts. Hereby we described a case of a 24 year old man affected by multiplevesicles and warts in genital area. All hematological and biochemical parameters, Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)and Treponema Pallidum tests, C1 – Inhibitor and C1 – Q values were within limits. An accurate fulguration andwide excision of bigger lesions were performed.Histological examination showed numerous dilated lymphatic vessels in the superficial dermis with infiltration of inflam-matory cells, that is a histopathological picture compatible with genital lymphangioma. Considering our clinical suspi-cion of condylomatosis, HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) Polimerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Genotyping, named INNO-LiPA test, was performed, that revealed a genital infection by HPV – genotype 6. We think that our case can be con-sidered an example of HPV infection and acquired genital lymphangioma overlap clinical syndrome. The patient pre-sented any lesions one year after the procedure at follow-up examination.