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AIM: Stapled Trans-Anal Rectal Resection methods (STARR double-PPH01 J&J and Transtar CCS30 J&J) designed and
proposed by Antonio Longo, widley used, present some problems and difficulties.
Many Authors have sought alternatives able to optimize the results, to limit the risk of complications, to facilitate the
operations, to reduce the operating times, to lower the economic costs.
Resection whit single stapler of prolapse and rectocele only on anterior rectal wall, have been proposed: they often have
caused asymmetry and bad functional results: they have not received acknowledge.
MATERIAL OF STUDY: On the bases of personal experience (1398 stapled anopexys + 239 STARR/Transtar) the author
propose the technique of trans-anal resection using single stapler (8 cases performed) defined Starr0ne (Stapled Trans-
Anal Rectal Resection only-One Stapler).
The main times of the technique are briefly described, pointing out the characteristics of the device (stapler CPH 34-
32 Chex-Healtcare) and the benefits that this entails.
RESULTS: A significant case is reported, particularly complex, with operation performed in patient already treated, some
years before, with Sarles technique, unsuccessfully.
CONCLUSIONS: Only further experiences and careful evaluation of results will can indicate the validity of the method.