10-years mortality risk estimation for gastric cancer patients based on clinicopathological factors


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Cemil Yüksel, Batuhan Bakırarar, Serdar Çulcu, Ogün Erşen, Ali Ekrem Ünal, Salim Demirci

Ann. Ital. Chir., 2022 93, 4: 463-469

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AIM: In order to create a nomogram for the gastric cancer no comprehensive study has been performed in Turkey so far and in our study, we tried to forecast the 10-year survival by using risk factors in patients without distant metastasis, who have not previously been diagnosed with another cancer but who underwent curative surgery.
MATERIAL METHOD: The data of 411 patients who underwent gastrectomy for gastric cancer between January 2010 and January 2020 in Surgical Oncology Department were retrospectively examined.
RESULTS: It has been shown statistically that the high RDW value point to poor survival (p <0.001). There were 173 patients with ≤3.5g/dl and 238 patients with> 3.5g/dl. It was found out statistically significant that hypoalbuminemia
indicated poor survival (p <0.001). Moreover, it was determined that high CEA and Ca19-9 with lymphovascular invasion were to be statistically significant with prognosis (p <0.001). On the based of all this data, we have created a dekstop application for the mortality estimation. CONCLUSION: We think that this model will ensure individualization of the treatment for patients and will contribute to the patient’s compliance with the treatment by strengthening the communication between the physician.