Ann. Ital. Chir.
1, 1922
ISSN 0003 – 469 X JC: 5C0
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Prof. Giovanni Pascale - Clinico Chirurgo dell’Università Federico II di Napoli e Senatore del Regno d’Italia

Annali Italiani di Chirurgia is the oldest national surgery journal in Italy. To put it in a historical perspective, it was founded in 1922, the same year as the March on Rome, and thus at the time when a nationalistic movement took hold of unified postwar Italy. The journal was founded by Professor Giovanni Pascale, who was a surgeon at the Federico II University in Naples, a senator of the kingdom of Italy, and the founder of the Tumor Institute in Naples, and by Licino Cappelli, who was the director of the prestigious Licini Cappelli Editore publishing house in Bologna. Annali Italiani di Chirurgia was always listed in international guides to articles, first in the Index Medicus, and then in MEDLARS, the computerized index system of the US National Library of Medicine.
Editor-in-chief: Professor Raffaele Paolucci succeded Giovanni Pascale as editor-in-chief of Annali Italiani di Chirurgia. He too was a surgeon, from Bari,who moved to Bologna and then Rome. He received a gold medal for his actions during World War I, and became senator of the Kingdom of Italy. Professor Giovanni Marcozzi, a surgeon at the La Sapienza University in Rome, took over after Raffaele Paolucci and was editor-in-chief until 1987. Since 1987, professor Nicola Picardi, chief attending physician in the general surgery department at the Gabriele D’Annunzio University in Chieti has been editor-in-chief.
Publishers: The Licino Cappelli publishing house, together with the typographic design firm Babina in S.Lazzaro di Savena, was, until recently, responsible for publishing the journal. After making the move to phototypesetting, the publishers came to use digital typesetting. In 1987 the Gruppo Editoriale Milano (G.E.M.) s.r.l.bought the Cappelli publishing house, but did not change its basic organization, and set up the New Capelli Publishing House which is still run by Comm. Emilio Cappelli, the last representative of the prestigious publishers, who was active until 2005. Starting with the second issue in 2005, Annali Italiani di Chirurgia has been published by the Luigi Pozzi publishing company in Rome, and the typography firm involved has been Leonalli Printing s.r.l. in Castenaso (Bologna).
Contact information:
Editor-in-chief: Prof.Nicola Picardi,
Via Montevideo 6
00198 Roma
Publisher: Dr.Luigi Pozzi,
Via Panama 68
00198 Roma
Subject matter and language: Annali Italiani di Chirurgia is a bimonthly journal and covers all aspects of surgery:elective, emergency and experimental surgery, as well as problems involving technology, teaching, organization and forensic medicine. The articles are published in Italian or English, though English is preferred because it facilitates the international diffusion of the journal (v.Guidelines for Authors and Norme per gli Autori). The articles published are divided into three main sections:editorials, original articles, and case reports and innovations. The types of articles most likely to be accepted for publication are:
a) results of original research on a topic of current interest;
b) updates on topics with contributions from personal experience;
c) prospective case studies;
d) evaluations of personal case series together with a thorough and complete review of the literature;
e) particular topics with the opinions of the authors;
f) proposals of new surgical techniques;
g) technical innovations.
The following are also accepted:
a) editorials by one author reviewing a topic or comparing viewpoints on a subject of interest;
b) case reports describing unusual cases;
c) reports on multicentric studies.
International guides to articles
Until 1997, Annali Italiani di Chirurgia was listed in Index Medicus, and it is now on MEDLARS and MEDLINE,( and produced by the US National Library of Medicine, as well as PubMed (, a service provided by the US National Library of Medicine and the National Institute of Health.
In 1994 the Institute for Scientific Information (I.S.I., 3501 Market Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104) included Annali Italiani di Chirurgia in the program “The Genuine Article” which furnishes scientific documents protected by copyright to the whole scientific community, on request, using the database of the British library in which Annali Italiani di Chirurgia is listed.

“Since 2009 the journal has been awarded of Impact Factor”

Title: Annali italiani di chirurgia
ISSN: 003-469X (Print)
Title Abbreviation: Ann Ital Chir
Publication Start Year: 1922
Publisher: Edizione Luigi Pozzi (Roma)
Language: English and Italian
Country: Italy
Subject Term(s): Surgery
NLM ID: 0372343